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UASFAA at Snow College
Spring 1985

Peggy Leavitt, Terry Bell, Veronica Christensen, Jay Snow, Pat Caricaburro, Marie Konnick, Ronell Crossley, Doug Young, --, Shelley Pollock, --, Tula Paras, --, Lynn Jensen, --, --, --, --, Susan Shipman, Ron Smout, Gene Taylor, Jim Ginos, Jeff Johnson, Paul Tone, Jack Cannon

UASFAA Representatives at RMASFAA
Whitefish, Montana - 1995

--, Teri Dorchuck, --, Sue DeMartini, Harold Weight, Mike Johnson, --, Jay Snow, Jack Dalene, Cedra Jensen, --. Joy Richie, Karen Clarke, Reshita Naylor, Ron Smout, Gail Norman, Peggy Leavitt, Ruth Henneman, Jane Mook, Mike McKendrick, Kim Wallace, Tula Paras, John Garigues, --, Duane Bartle, Ann Anderson, Shelley Pollock, Andrea Phillips, Eric Weber, Bill Osborn, Ford Stephenson, Steve Olsen.

UASFAA Representatives at RMASFAA
Billings, Montana

Scott Strong, Jay Snow, Shelley Pollock, --, John Namatz, June Cline, Ruth Henneman, Ford Stephensen, Sue DeMartini, Duane Bartle, Ron Smount, Peggy Leavitt, --

UASFAA, about 1982

Ford Stephensen, Doug Young, Shelly Pollock, Peggy Leavitt, Terry Bell, Ruth Henneman. --, Lucille Johnson, --, Steve Bang, Dave Feitz, Duane Bartle, --, Ardis McFarland, --, --, Harry Shriver, Bill Osborn, Norm Finlinson, --, Herman Mark, Peggy Weight, --, Dick Mchaud, --, Jeff Johnson, Gene Taylor, Mike Johnson, --, Jay Snow, Lanny Gnieting John williams, Gene Monson, --, --, Jim Shay, Jack Cannon, Kim Blackburn, Ron Smout, Bill Todachenne

Utah Representatives at RMASFAA
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - 2000

Doug Horne, Jack Dalene, Terry Bell, Ronell Crossley, Regina Smout Candace Teague, Cristie Easton, Teri Dorchuck, Janet Cammack, Karen Clarke, Tula Para, Jane Mook, Dave Olsen, Kent larsen, Bill Osborn, Mike McKendrick, Scott Brown, Shelley Pollock, Nancy Caldwell, John Garrigues, Peggy Leavitt

Utah Representatives At RMASFAA
St. George, Utah - 1999

Utah Representatives at RMASFAA, 1994

Rex Mitchie, John Garrigues, Debra Riding, Harold Weight, Ron Smout, Jay Snow, Mike Johnson, Ann Anderson, Cristie Easton, Shelley Pollock, Ken Lyman, Gail Norman, Eric Weber, Kay Higginson, Peggy Leavitt, Randy Bales, Jack Dalene

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