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Summer 2002

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President's Message
by Terry Bell

Summer 2002

I want to take this opportunity to thank those that worked so hard to make our Spring Conference such a success. I appreciate the hard work of Trudy Smith and all the other members of the Financial Aid Office at Southern Utah University. I would also like to thank Wendy Clarke from the University of Utah and her committee for the hard work put into getting the agenda together.

As you know, this year the UASFAA Board made the decision to award service awards to our members. We recognized those that have been in the business of "financial aid" for more that 15 years. Because this was our first time, we had a lot of awards to give. Following are the recipients.

  • Mike Johnson, UHEAA, 32 years
  • Douglas W. Young, BYU, 29 years
  • Ford Stevenson, BYU, 29 years
  • Terry Bell, Dixie, 27 years
  • Jacque Straub, 25 years
20 - 24 YEARS
  • Bill Osborn, CEU, 23 years
  • David Feitz, UHEAA, 23 years
  • Ruth Henneman, Westminister, 23 years
  • Cindy Watkins, Utah College of Massage Therapy, 22 years
  • Jeff Johnson, SLCC, 22 years
  • Raenetta King, U of U, 22 years
  • Richard O. David, UHEAA, 21 years
  • Teri Vig, UHEAA, 21 years
  • Carolyn Larsen, BYU, 20 years
  • Brenda Cox, UHEAA, 20 years
  • Carolyn Stauffer, U of U, 20 years
  • Duane Bartle, BYU, 20 years
  • Kelly Jensen, BYU, 20 years
  • Lynn Jensen, BYU, 20 years
  • Peggy Leavitt, Dixie, 20 years
  • Vernica Christensen, U of U, 20 years
15 - 19 YEARS
  • James Ginos, UHEAA, 19 years
  • Judy Lecheminant, USU, 19 years
  • Norm Finlinson, BYU, 18 years
  • Eric Weber, SLCC, 18 years
  • Richard Effiong, Weber, 18 years
  • Susan Shipman, SLCC, 18 years
  • Tula Paras, Weber, 18 years
  • Carol Bonaquisto, CEU, 17 years
  • Charles Downer, UHEAA, 17 years
  • Charmaine Elegante, CEU, 17 years
  • Dorothy Jorgensen, U of U, 17 years
  • Joanna McCormick, UVSC, 17 years
  • Pat Robertson, CEU, 17 years
  • Randi Bales, UHEAA, 17 years
  • Elaine Woodward, U of U, 16 years
  • Ronelle Crossley, UHEAA, 16 years
  • Cristi Easton, SLCC, 15 years
  • Karen Clarke, Weber, 15 years
  • Kathy Bixby, USA Group, 15 years
  • Linda Powell, Weber, 15 years
  • Michelle Riddle, UHEAA, 15 years
  • Rita Walker, University of Phoenix, 15 years
  • Todd Martin, BYU, 15 years

We felt that it was a success because it gave us an opportunity to recognize many members of our association that we don't get to see very often. We will continue with the awards in the future.

Because NASFAA will be in Salt Lake in July 2003, we made the decision to not hold a Spring UASFAA Conference next year. We hope that it will help get more of our UASFAA members to NASFAA. By the way, Wendy Clarke from the University of Utah has been named the Site- Chair for the NASFAA 2003 Conference. Good luck, Wendy.

Again thanks for all the help and support. It is a pleasure to work with all of you.

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