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Spring 2003

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President's Message
by Kent Larson

Spring 2003

Calendar year 2003 promises to be memorable for everyone in financial aid. Indeed, our conversations of late frequently include speculation on how the landscapes of our profession, our institutions, and our offices will change as a result of upcoming events. With reauthorization on the horizon, change is inevitable. But looming world, national, and local events—many of historical proportion—will likely affect our professional lives as well. Surely, burgeoning enrollment, increased cost of attendance, reduced operating budgets, a sluggish economy, are only a few of the current conditions that will have impact on our financial aid workplace.

When the time comes to look back on 2003, I hope UASFAA will have served a useful role in helping you deal successfully with an opportunity or challenge that is unique to you or your office. A lofty goal? Yah, you betcha! But the goal is achievable if we all consciously commit to help one another and not fall victim to the fear of seeking help. We are, after all, in the same business of facilitating education through financial assistance.

Wonderful tools are now available to us as UASFAA members, to help us find answers to our questions, while at the same time enlarging our sense of community and bringing us closer together. Our Web site continues to expand its usefulness as a resource for links to information. The Newsletter is available on the Web to all who seek insight into the status of our membership, policies, and events or occasionally need a tasty recipe. This year, we will begin using our new UASFAA list serve to communicate with one another. I will use the list serve to communicate information and seek your input on matters such as our July business meeting, the NASFAA conference, and other topics that are important to you and me.

So, I dare you, be you from a private or public, a profit or non-profit, a two-year or four-year, a clock-hour or term institution, a bank or credit union, a guarantee agency or a… guarantee agency, to get involved! Get connected! Use UASFAA's directory to locate and then call a colleague you have never met, introduce yourself and ask a question. Let's commit to make this a great year, regardless of the whirlwind of events that are sure to take place and the changes that are sure to come our way.

I'm looking forward to working with you this year,


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