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Summer 2003

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President's Message
by Kent Larson

Summer 2003

A Pierian Spring...
by Kent Larson

Those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" that the late Nat King Cole sings of are upon us. Hearing those words makes me want to fill the picnic basket, sink into a hammock, sip cold lemonade and take a nap. Meanwhile, back at the financial aid office, the rest of the team is dealing with awarding aid simultaneously for two academic years, bringing up new computer systems, explaining to students and department heads why those federal work-study funds can't be used before July, etc., etc., etc.

For Nat King Cole, a picnic basket filled with sandwiches and weenies is essential for a happy, peaceful, successful summer day at the beach. Weenies give me migraine headaches, so let me substitute Twinkies in their place. For Mr. Cole, with a full basket, you are "set".

A filled basket is necessary for a good day at the office as well. And while a wholesome lunch is important to help us make it through the day, a basket (mind) filled with knowledge can help us achieve the happiness, peace and success we crave. On the subject of knowledge, Socrates said,"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, drink deep or partake not of the Pierian Spring. A little knowledge intoxicates the brain, while drinking largely sobers us again."

Who among us has not felt inadequate when answering a financial aid question or when engaging in a financial aid discussion with only a little knowledge from which to draw? Is your basket of financial aid knowledge full? Are you set for a great day at the office?

I personally am not functioning with a full basket. There, I've said it. Fortunately for me and perhaps you, the Salt Lake City NASFAA Conference can help fill my basket, my knowledge void. The NASFAA Conference is a fountain of knowledge, a Pierian Spring for financial aid administrators. I hope you will join me at the conference and take advantage of, what might be for some, a once-in-a-career opportunity. The breadth and depth of topics that appear on the pre-conference program agenda is indeed impressive. Be you a weenie or a Twinkie person, you will have a plethora of meaningful topics from which to choose. Think of it—a national conference in our own back yard. How easy could it be? It will be like climbing into a hammock on a hot summer day and sipping lemonade.

See you there!


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