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Winter 2003

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President's Message
by Todd Milovich

Winter 2003-2004

As we begin a new year full of hope and resolution, anticipating the many and continuous changes in technology, regulations and demands on our time, let's take a moment and reflect on what it really is that we do. As financial aid administrators, we scramble to keep up on changes in regulations and interpretation of the regulations. We try our best to meet the demands of our schools' enrollment objectives. We exist in a data-driven world that relies on newer, faster, better technology. We're always in a learning curve, never settled, and, of course, students demand faster service and more money to meet tuition costs that are rising at a much higher rate than increases in funding.

Within these circumstances, it is very hard to remember that we provide access to education for thousands of students who otherwise would not be financially able to attend our institutions. Think of the implications there. It makes the ever-increasing demands on our time much easier to manage.

Technology has brought many changes to our association as well. With email, satellite conferencing and Internet, information is available and transmitted faster than we would like. By the time we gather at our conferences to share information, we have already shared, understood and implemented the changes!

As we move into a new year, I would like to propose these resolutions to all UASFAA members:

  • Let's not forget what it is we do (provide access to education...)
  • Let's use the association as the wealth of human knowledge and experience that it is.
  • Let's find ways together to meet the many challenges we face.
  • Let's not forget the value of community and friendship as we increasingly work within a world of technology.
  • Let's have a great year!

Todd Milovich

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