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Winter 2003

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Outgoing Officers

Big thanks to Kent Larson, Sharon Robinette, Mike McKendrick and Trudy Smith who are stepping down (or moving over) after a great year's service to our UASFAA community!

Trudy Smith, retiring UASFAA membership chairman from Southern Utah University, comments,

"It is always nice to work on the committees of UASFAA. It is a great experience to see and work behind the scene. I value the friendships, new and old, that develop by being a part of a great organization such as UASFAA.

Thank you to the other members of the board for the experience and to all members of UASFAA, and I look forward to continued association with all of you."

UASFAA Elected Officers, 2004

Todd Milovich, President

Todd Milovich,, began working in financial aid about nine years ago, and in that time has held various positions in the Utah State University Financial Aid office including counselor, assistant director and acting associate director. Currently he is assistant director in charge of outreach activities. Outreach at Utah State includes the America Reads and America Counts Programs along with a variety of special programs.

Todd's involvement with UASFAA has included presentations at several conferences along with a term as chair of the Professional Development Committee. He has served as a trainer for Decentralized Training twice and was winner of the RMASFAA Diversity Scholarship to Summer Institute.

Todd is also actively involved in education through his musical interests. He teaches a class at Utah's Fast Forward (an alternative high school) and is co-founder of the Free Academy of Creative Expression (FACE) which offers creative arts programs to underserved youth. Todd spends his off hours teaching guitar lessons at the KSM Sound Factory in Logan.

Cristi Easton is the new President-Elect

Cristi Easton,, has worked in financial aid since 1984 when she began at the front window at Utah Technical College at Provo, now Utah Valley State College. She joined the Salt Lake Community College as an advisor in 1988. In 2000, she became director of Financial Aid at SLCC. She has volunteered her time with UASFAA, RMASFAA and NASFAA on various committees. This past year, she was the RMASFAA Training Committee chair and was also a neophyte instructor at RMASFAA Summer Institute.

This year she will be participating in RMASFAA as a Membership Committee member. As a member of the NAFSAA Diversity and Multi-Cultural Initiatives Committee, she will oversee the Carnival of Learning for the NASFAA Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Cristi is currently working on her master's of organizational management and is finding new challenges being back in school. And yes, she is applying for student aid! She reads constantly, listens to all kinds of music (has anyone heard of Hoobastank?), watches movies at home and in the theaters, and loves to crochet and cross-stitch. Christi and Dale Easton have one daughter, Jessica, who is 14 going on 25.

Marie Daley will be serving as Associate VP Elect

Marie Daley,, is the Student Loan Sales and Marketing manager for Zions Bank. She has been with the bank since March, 2003. One of her duties here is to maintain client relationships for the Utah and Idaho region on behalf of Zions Bank. This includes school visits and presentations.

She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in family finance and debt management. After that she worked in the Financial Aid office at the University of Utah for one-and-a-half years as a financial aid counselor and then for three-and-a-half-years as the program manager for the professional schools. During her time as program manager, she worked mostly with law and medical students. She misses her friends at the University of Utah, but loves her new job at Zions Bank.

Marie was born and raised in Morgan, Utah. She currently lives in Layton with her husband and new baby. She feels that her greatest accomplishment up to this point has been, "giving birth to my amazing little boy."

Steve Bang begins a two-year term as secretary-treasurer

Steve Bang,, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He received his undergraduate degree in economics from BYU in 1972, and his MBA from the University of Cincinnati in 1974. Steve worked for three years in the corporate office of the Kroger Company as their Drug Store Division accounts receivable manager, and then began his 26-year career in financial aid. He has served students for 11 years as a BYU financial aid counselor and for 14 years at BYU-Hawaii, as director of their Financial Aid office and assistant dean of students. In 2002, Steve returned to BYU's Financial Aid office where he is currently the assistant director.

Steve and his wife, LeeAnn, enjoy their two sons and two daughters. In his spare time, Steve speaks French and loves to read and collect baseball cards. He is also an avid baseball fan.

New Commissioner of Higher Education

Richard E. Kendell is Utah's new commissioner of Higher Education. He has done it all when it comes to education. After earning his bachelor's degree from Weber State in 1969 and receiving a teaching certificate from the University of Utah, he began his career as a teacher at Ogden High School. His experience at Ogden High galvanized his love for teaching and everything related to education. "I would just sit at my desk after school in a state of euphoria and shake my head in disbelief and say to myself... 'I can't believe they're paying me to do this,'" he said. After earning his Ph.D. in education, he worked in higher education at the University of Utah and then served as superintendent of the Davis County School District.

Kendell's diverse experience in secondary and higher education led to his most recent appointment as the sixth Commissioner of Higher Education in Utah, effective 17 November 2003. His honors and awards include the Utah Education Association Honor Roll Award, the Davis School District Hall of Fame Award, Utah Superintendent of the Year, Utah Educator of the Year and Administrator of the Year. Perhaps his most lasting honor is the Davis School District Administration Building, built in 1997, which is now called the Richard E. Kendell Administration Building. Kendell has served on many local, state and national committees including the Governor's Commission on Education and Technology, the Utah Public Education Strategic Planning Committee, and the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools.

Vice-Chairs Join Our Staff

Karen Bueler – Vice-Chair of the Publications Committee

Karen Bueler,, of the American Institute of Medical & Dental Technology is vice-chair of the Publications Committee. She will step into the editor position January 2005.

Karen Bueler is presently the campus director for the American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology in St. George. She has a BS in nursing from BYU and worked early in her career with premature infants, doing research at Stanford Medical Center, and setting up preemie intensive care units at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

She taught nursing for a short time at the University of Cincinnati. The next 18+ years were spent being a mother to seven sons. She returned to the working world as manager of a dental practice in Arizona for several years and a large group practice in St. George before joining the American Institute. Financial aid is a big part of what Karen does at the Institute. She attended the RMASFAA training and leadership in Denver this past summer and learned more about financial aid than she thought was possible.

Jan Burton – Vice-Chair of the Membership Committee

Jan Burton,, financial aid advisor at the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College is vice-chair of the Membership Committee.

Jan was born in Ogden, Utah, is married and has four children—three daughters and a son. "My greatest accomplishment?? Getting them through college!" Two daughters have graduated from BYU, one from Weber State, and her son is in his first year at USU—no wonder she is such an expert in financial aid!! She is also a proud grandma of two.

Jan has always worked in education. After attending USU, she was the administrative assistant for the director of secondary education in the Weber School District. After a few years off to raise her family, she started again as a secretary in the Ogden-Weber Financial Aid office. She remembers telling her husband after her first day, that the job would suffice until something else came along. Twelve years later, she is still learning and loving the challenge of being in financial aid! She has served as a financial aid specialist/advisor for 10 years. One of her primary tasks is administrating and expanding the scholarship program. She also tries to keep on top of the forever changing EDE requirements and updates.

"I am looking forward to being involved with UASFAA and getting to know many more of you!"

John Hazelgren – V.P. of Professional Development Committee

Jon Hazelgren,, is currently employed at UHEAA as the manager of Borrower Services. He was formally employed at Westminster College in Salt Lake City where he was the associate director of Financial Aid. He has also worked in financial aid at Salt Lake Community College, Brigham Young University and San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. Jon earned an undergraduate degree in communications and advertising from Brigham Young University and a master's in business administration from Westminster College with an emphasis in information resource management.

Update on our ListServ Groups

The ListServ groups below have been created for our convenience and to help us communicate quickly and effectively with the right groups of people.

Only people who are members of each list can send emails to the list. Thus, all UASFAA members can use the members list; associate members can use the associate list, proprietary directors, the proprietary list, etc. It is the desire of UASFAA that the ListServ be used for professional UASFAA information only. Members should feel free to use the lists to distribute professional information, ask for professional input, or request professional assistance.

The lists are only as good as the e-mail addresses that are given to us. It is important that institutions keep the membership directory current on UASFAA’s website at In addition, institutions should e-mail Nancy Caldwell at to notify her of personnel changes, additions or deletions that need to be made to the lists so they can be kept as current as possible.

UASFAA appreciates UHEAA’s continued support in making these lists possible, as well as the assistance of Nancy Caldwell who has entered all of the email addresses and strives to keep it current. That has to be a job! To give her some help, if you send an email and receive a "returned as undeliverable" email in response, please forward that returned email to Nancy at for additional research.

Another thing you could do to for your personal convenience, is to copy and paste these ListServ addresses into the body of an email that you send to yourself, labeled UASFAA ListServ Address (or whatever you wish) and keep it handy for future reference. Some folks keep theirs in their email "drafts" folder—it’s handy, yet not taking up space in their Inbox. The idea is to keep it accessible so you can use it when you need it!

Spotlight – UASFAA 2003 Sponsors

The following have made contributions in many ways to help UASFAA during 2003: UHEAA, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, America First, Nelnet, U.S. Bank, Zions Bank, Bank One, Key Bank and Sallie Mae. Thanks for your kindness, generosity and support!

Their websites can be accessed by clicking on their names.

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