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Whether you have volunteered in the past or are new to the profession, there is room for you and your ideas! Choose to help in one (or more) committees or lend your expertise in a specific area.

We WANT you. We NEED you. We cannot do it without YOU!


All committees (except Historian) are made up of a chair, a co-chair, and committee members. Committee participants will serve for one year (May 1 through April 30) in their role. It is anticipated the co-chair will move into the chair position where they will serve for one year. This provides an opportunity to gain experience and learn the responsibilities of the role.

Volunteers may serve in more than one committee at a time.

Communications Committee (formerly Association News)

The Communications Committee facilitates the creation and dissemination of important information to members of the Association. It does so primarily through regularly distributed newsletters, email campaigns, and updates to the UASFAA website. The committee develops the Association master calendar which accounts for national, regional, and ED events. It also develops communication policies and practices that aid in awareness of news within the industry. While it maintains a high level of creative and editorial freedom, all official communication is approved the by the Executive Council prior to publication. The committee works directly with TechOps for website updates and email campaigns.

Berenice Villa-Johnson, Chair

Arizona College of Nursing - Salt Lake City


Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee coordinates the planning and execution of the annual spring conference and fall training. Some tasks include securing event locations and overseeing event meals, meeting rooms, vendor areas, and hotel blocks. These events focus on meeting the professional needs of members and support the Association's mission and long-term goals. While the physical facilities and preparation fall under this committee, the Professional Development & Training Committee is responsible for the event programming. The two committees will work hand-in-hand for successful delivery.

Lauren Andalora, Chair

Western Governors University


Corporate Development Committee <vacant>

The Corporate Development Committee solicits sponsorships and funds to support the financial needs of the Association. It invites vendor participation at the annual conference and fall training events and maintains lists of providers and their contact information.

<FirstName LastName>, Chair



Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee (new)

The DEI Committee was created to foster diverse ideas, expand equity among members, and provide an inclusive platform that promotes experiences, perspectives, and belonging regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, age, veteran status, religious beliefs. Our UASFAA members are rich with personal qualities that give us unique perspectives based on our distinct experiences. The committee provides engagement of all members and promotes open communication. This includes, but is not limited to, sponsoring at least one session at the Association’s annual conference.

Ashley Stevenson, Chair

University of Utah



The Historian is responsible for maintaining and archiving the history of the Association. This includes all records pertaining to the history of UASFAA communications to members, results of elections, and minutes of Association meetings.

Brittany LaMoreaux, Chair

Western Governors University


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee's purpose is continued development and growth of the Association membership. Some duties include maintaining an updating membership lists and creating appropriate communication materials to encourage membership. This committee ensures membership dues are paid annually and informs members of the renewal procedures. Where applicable, the committee follows-up with non-renewals members and institutions.

Kim Gordon, Chair

Nightingale College


Nomination & Election Committee

The Nomination and Election Committee is responsible for soliciting nominees for elected offices each year. The committee is chaired by the President-Elect (incoming President) and committee members assist in the effort.

Christina Ayres, Chair

University of Utah


Professional Development & Training Committee

The Professional Development and Training Committee provides opportunities for professional growth and development to Association members. The committee plans, coordinates, and supervises the program for the annual UASFAA conference, Fall Training, Department of Education training, and training initiatives from RMASFAA and/or NASFAA. They work hand-in hand with the Conference Planning Committee to develop the program and deliver content during the event.

Sara Shaffer, Chair

Western Governors University


Technology Operations Committee

The Technology Operations Committee (TechOps) manages the various platforms and applications used in the operation of the Association. This includes (but is not limited to) the website, web domain, email provider, and Association accounts. It also supports the delivery of communication to Association members and the successful implementation of technology (hardware & software) for in-person or remote conferences and training.

Jason Summerhays, Chair

Western Governors University


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